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Ethem and his team of media professionals are a collective with a combined experience of 100 years who work as turn-key producers and/or consultants.

They are responsible for a large number of productions, big and small, whilst not losing site of the ultimate aim: to save you time & money.

who is Ethem?

Ethem Cetintas is a graduate of the London Film School, renowned for numerous world famous graduates such as Mike Leigh, Michael Mann, Howard Atherton, Tak Fujimoto, Mark Goldblatt, and Franc Roddam to name but a few.

After completing his studies Ethem moved into the News & Current Affairs field and started working as a Director/Cameraman in many troubled parts of the world, often undertaking dangerous assignments such as the coverage of the Iranian Revolution, the Iran-Iraq War, the Siege of the Egyptian Embassy and the Afghan Russian Invasion. During this time he produced numerous current affairs films such as The Grey Wolves, Kurdish Corridor and Talabani for the BBC, UPITN, Sveriges TV, LWT, CBS, & NBC. The quality of these programmes attracted attention throughout the industry and was instrumental in him being invited to join BAFTA, of which he has been an active voting member since the 1980s.

Soon his work started to include documentaries from around the world and his talents were recognised by programmes such as Newsnight (BBC), London Plus (BBC), World In Action (LWT), Food & Drink (BBC), Horizon (BBC), Commercial Breaks (BBC) and the Open University (BBC). He also developed and directed his own films such as Forgotten Christians (BBC) and Labour of Love (LWT).

Additionally Ethem was also working as DP on many prestigious TV commercials around the world for companies such as MANN Advertising, Ogilvy Mather, JWT and numerous independents. It was during this time that he was asked by one of his producers to take over as director and soon he was responsible for directing a variety of major commercials for Turkish, Nigerian, Spanish and British companies.

The early nineties saw him move into directing TV dramas such as “William The Conqueror” for FMC, “Coblyn” for S4C, “The Unconquered” & “Holiday for Three” for ITV and the TV pilot of “Symphony in G minor”. He was also the UK unit director and production consultant for six episodes of “Breaking Free” and eight episodes of “Republic”, as well as the feature film “Breaking Free” for TRT.

Ethem has vast experience in the film industry and has seen the major changes from film, analogue base to the digital age and online media. He has expertise in both fields and is just as comfortable holding a 50’s Cameflex as working with a Red or Arri Alexa or working on a full blown CGI film. Due to his technical education and background, he has full understanding of all new technologies and has pushed the boundaries of these on many occasions. He’s a firm believer of “horses for courses” and strict film discipline where story comes first very closely associated to budgets! A good writer/director is the one who can re-write a scene that saves thousands, still tells the story without losing the emotions, and brings a film in under budget.

At the present time Ethem works as an independent writer/director and a consultant to the media industry. He has recently made a feature film with his features partner Karl Howman (known as Howman & Cetintas) starring the Hollywood famed Ray Winstone and continues writing and directing TV Commercials and Corporate Promos which are too numerous to list.

There’s really nothing new but just digitised!

Here are the benefits of using Ethem and team in your productions:


Agencies benefit because we save you money in TV & digital production. We work alongside your agency’s team and guide them through the minefield of media production. We bring experience to the young teams at fast growing agencies. For the established agencies we are like a breath of fresh air; we break the established and often inefficient norm to bring considerable savings, speed and efficiency.

We can do the same for indipendents: by going direct, using us for production, independent advertisers will save big money whilst achieving great results to make sure you hit your target market with maximum impact your budget will allow.

With our digital expertise, we can extend your adverts to online, be it a website, Facebook, Twitter or a banner ad for any online site ensuring that your message is seamless across different media.

film production

A small scale film company can compete with a major film or TV studio when it comes to the box office. Using our expertise with script development & writing, direction and production, a small production company can jump the barriers easily. We have the expertise to make your project into reality.

but best of all...we are nice people to work with

digital media

examples of our work

TV commercial & matching website for wheels4sure.com.

Corporate video for PH Warr.

Ray Winstone in Fathers of Girls

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