Blues in Paradise was an ambitious project to run a world-class blues music festival on a tiny Caribbean – and it worked, at least for a while. This full-length documentary tells the story of two teenage friends who forty-five years later decided to create a Blues festival on the idyllic and remote island of Nevis.

The local community came together to help make it happen in the hopes of boosting their out-of-season tourist trade; while the two founders of the festival were also determined to make it benefit the wider population, especially the youth of the island.

The film is the story of trying to stage the event and its successful outcome, plus performances by American, British and local bands.

It gives a sense of ordinary life on the island and the natural beauty of the place, including a unique look at a local project where music is used to help inmates at the prison to change their lives. The film-makers were given unlimited access to the prison and inmates who finally appear as one of the local guest bands at the festival.

The festival ran for three years. Despite considerable critical acclaim and enormous popularity on the island it proved difficult to finance. 2017 was the last edition; however it lives on in reputation and in the memory of holidaymakers and locals. The film tells a story of enthusiasm, love for music, and against-the-odds determination. This film has aired on various Caribbean TV channels and as far away as Hong Kong.