BBMF at RAF Coningsby

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight centre is possibly one of the most exciting places for the ultimate thrills of aviation. Why? Because they have the incredible collection of WW2 warplanes, Hurricanes, Lancasters and the most beautiful of all The Spitfire!

Our new major documentary The Secret Spitfires (see the promo here) took us to RAF Coningsby to meet today’s Spitfire pilots who fly Typhoons which are today’s Spitfires. We were told that if we wanted to meet real Spitfire pilots, this was the place to go to see and understand what made those brave pilots so affective during WW2. They were right, the pilots and ground crews we met there were those young RAF personnel of WW2, still here in a new generation of brave, proud, loyal, honorable boys and girls working for their country and looking after the great heritage of our country.

As a gratitude of the help and hospitality they gave us during our lengthy filming there (getting to play with Spitfires!) we made an online advert for the BBMF which you can see here. Hope it makes you want to go there and see it for yourselves.. It’s worth it!


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19 May 2016