This was a very challenging project, came directly from the customer who had a brilliant idea about a new business in the automotive trade leasing brand new cars to people with credit problems.

The model of the business was not really tried before; hence the pressure was on to make the small budget work quickly and efficiently to help grow the business. The client had a straight, honest approach to market an honest company. Unlike campaigns of yesteryear, many facets had to be covered in one campaign, such as; the brand, the message about leasing, abiding with rules of TV regulators and making sure the application criteria was clear. Hence the W4S Girl was created with a striking visual design to establish/recall the brand who would also be the friendly approachable face of W4S.

The questions asked by the cast would be the same questions asked in real life and answered honestly. To maximise the impact of the advert and to answer other queries, not possible to get into a 30 sec advert, a special website was designed to support the advert which was pointing the customers to the website. Here further questions would be answered and sale could be finalised. Of course, the two were designed as a “campaign” and were deliberately reflective of each other.

A second in the series of adverts for Wheels4Sure. The style and feel of the original campaign has been kept in order to have the desired corporate signature. Where the first advert answered the questions and concerns viewers with credit problems have leasing a car, this second advert has testimonials of those customers who have leased cars from Wheels4Sure. The testimonials are from many statements left by those customers to explain why they chose this company and how easy it was. Both ads are designed to run in parallel along with their ten second versions and compliment each other perfectly to show the ease of leasing a car from W4S