Wyke Farm Cheese


This was the very first adverts of the manufacturer trying to establish their very fine cheeses on a very crowded market, with a view to get them accepted onto the big supermarket shelves.

A regular client, Thinking Juice Advertising came to discuss the options available and it was decided that some human emotional element would have to be explored to make the product stand out from all the straight product ads. The farm had the perfect element in the form of Ivy, the lady whose recipe was used to make the cheese. Expertise in motion pictures, creating believable historical film footage was second nature and the end result made the advert a warm, truthful ad selling an honest product which quickly established itself.

This campaign was soon followed by another, nostalgic true story of Stan, a young lad who worked there in the 40’s, now remembering those days which the taste of Wyke cheese had brought back. The ads here are a very good example of associating the “human touch” and emotional involvement of an audience to an otherwise inanimate object.

Wyke Farm went from strength to strength and now adorns the shelves of many supermarkets and a brand to be proud of.


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11 June 2015